Public Transport in Wales

If you are thinking of going on a whirlwind tour of Wales using public transport, then perhaps you should consider getting a travel pass? This pass will allow you to travel within Wales and the surrounding areas of England for free on almost every bus and rail route. The pass will give you unlimited bus travel, plus 4 days of train travel over an 8 day period. The passes are available in various price ranges. You can get passes for the south of Wales, the north or just the middle. Passes can be bought at just about any staffed train station or rail-accredited travel agency in Wales.


When talking about the divide between the north and the south of Wales, it isn’t just the language; it’s physical as well. The barrier which is created by the Brecon Beacons, Cambrian Mountains and Snowdonia mean it’s easier to travel from north to south or vice versa via England instead of trying to go through the country. This is the case when it comes to trains as well. There is a network of lines which slowly zigzags through the country, but there are quicker routes which go through Birmingham and Bristol. But, the rail lines and roads are very scenic. That is something you should keep in mind. In Wales, it’s always about the journey, not the destination.

Cheap and Fast

Buses are the best and the cheapest way of travelling around, but you will get to places quicker if you travel by train. For any information regarding the public transport, you should visit a local tourist office, and you will get more than enough information there. All you need is a modicum of patience and a flexible schedule to be able to see the real beauty of the country. So forget about boring domestic flights.