Sights in Wales

While this may be the smallest country of mainland Britain, Wales does have a number of reasons for you to visit it. The South includes Cardiff, a wonderful base where you can start exploring the beautiful countryside. With the historic castle and other pre-historic buildings, this is a city which is certainly worth a trip. When you are done with Cardiff and want to venture further, you have an abundance of attractions including heritage railways, stunning scenery, and more than four-hundred castles and other fortifications. Here are a couple of the must-sees:


When you think of Wales, this is the first place you should visit. It has an amazing mountain range located in Gwynedd. It consists of fourteen sky-high peaks which are more than 3,000 ft. high. The most famous of them is Snowdon sitting at 3,546 ft. You can see these mountains from as far as Porthmadog. Once you’re there, it’s quite easy to see why this area is so heavily famous in local legends.

Brecon Beacons National Park

The national park encompasses a very beautiful part of Wales. It is a hiker’s paradise, to say the least, and is bordered by the Black Mountains. The first set of mountains is in the west which is the source of the Usk river. The second set is in the east and is known for wild ponies. Most mountains in this park are more than 1,000 ft high with a few more than 2,000 ft high too. They are all named after the sandstone which makes them resemble beacons of light that were once used for warning invaders. Don’t forget to explore the waterfalls and caves that this park has to offer. The most famous one is the Henryd Falls located in Coelbren. Do not forget to take some selfies there.