Top Destinations in Wales Help

The Millennium Centre is the most visited attraction in all of Wales. Before you plan your visit to this beautiful country, let’s talk about some of the most visited destinations in the country.

Arts and Museums

The WMC arts centre in the Bay of Cardiff sees more visitors than any other free venue in the country. The next most visited venue is the National History Museum in St. Fagans. Then there’s the Cyfarthfa Castle Museum, and the National Museum Wales in Cardiff.

Paid-for Destinations

In terms of paid-for destinations, the LC leisure centre is a great place to visit. It’s located in the Swansea city centre. Then there’s the Pembrokeshire Folly Farm Zoo and the Portmeirion which is an Italian-style village built right into cliffs at Porthmadog.

Tourist Industry

The tourist industry in Wales is thriving right now. Especially during the summer holidays, the number of people visiting the country is unbelievable. Their investment in quality facilities throughout the country only makes people want to visit more, and increases not just the number of visitors they can handle but profitability as well. Everyone wants to come back.

While the rest of the UK might not be getting as many visitors anymore, Wales is bucking this trend and how! The numbers are rising by roughly 3.4% every year which is nothing substantial, but considering the state of peril the UK is in; it’s pretty good.

There are a number of world famous events which have been conducted in Wales over the last few years which have only helped increase the popularity of the country. As recently as last year, Wales made it to the semi-finals of the Euro football tournament which got them a lot of attention worldwide. Then there are a number of gold Championships which are also held in Wales. There are so many reasons to visit Wales.